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Why not go on a roll tonight?

Around March I was taking some serious time to get gaston into shape to be shown to potential buyers and somehow my determined day to trail ride him on a morning my husband happened to be off work, I show up and he is lame and I mean WOULDNT WALK. Through the 4 years I had him I always knew one major selling point is how he's "never" lame or hurt and has great feet and constitution. So Of course, right after I put him for sale, of course he's gonna get injured. I didn't freak out at first but obviously I was thinking Really!?
My ex trainer honestly thought it was a gunshot and it did look like it. Long story short it cost me around 500$ and just like my amazing boy is, he was only lame for about 4 days and recovered to his high energy self faster than even I would've thought. We were riding and doing trails about 5 days after the vet was out. Now it is not even visible! It was a deep puncture wound (by a stick probably) by the back right stifle. Crazily close to being in very bad territory.

Another thing on my mind is the options I do have in the future. It will never be as easy as jumping onto my own horse again, it will be tedious to pay for each ride and use other people's tack (the trainer took my bridle- not joking). But it will be so exciting to ride an unknown horse! I wonder how horses feel after gaston! I look forward to doing the work and working on myself as a rider. Baby steps. I hope to go to shows or maybe try leasing a horse. I definitely want to lease multiple over several years before I ever buy one again. But at this point it will be a long time and a lot of hard work before I even lesson again. And that's fine with me. I want to be patient as I can and just open up a positive environment for my son to maybe decide he wants to lesson or even to kind of meet some of the kids who do little horse shows.
I even thought I would be sad to show him ponies if I sold gaston, but now I'm very happy about it and love him rocking his horse and reading about ponies. It's just another thing out there now and I never have to stop or make him stop. The options are so open. Who knows where this will go, we may even end up overseas somewhere we can't ride. That would be sad and we would be ever the more patient.


^My boy in January getting some lucky sale pictures

...Lol. We hadn't ridden in forever and this(second pic) was not a cute moment at all. But precious any way now.

Some pics of their ranch:

Me and my boy the first months I owned him <33

Here I am; and, Selling my horse

I'm back to livejournal with the news that I sold Gaston. About 2.5 years ago in December I was still jumping with him (and actually pregnant, unbeknownst to me). In January I was first advised to sell him (he was 6). I placed him on Craigslist once and didn't get great feedback so I saved up money and kept working with him for the first year and a half that I had my child Tyson.
There were months when I would ride him four times a week and months when I wouldn't ride. There was a time period last summer when I could have shown him every single weekend and he would have been an amazing horse by the end of the summer, but the only trainer at our barn didn't have a trailer and I wasn't pressing her to get me out there. I wasn't a pusher if someone's not showing me the path. He was looking beautiful by the end of summer but when I tried getting on him all of October it appeared that the "full training" I was paying for had either stopped happening or wasn't having an effect. I decided winter wasn't the time to be paying for something that wasn't benefitting me- what would benefit me would be to lesson twice a week and ride alone the other days. So I texted the trainer in end November and it turned out she wasn't even in the state. I have no way of knowing when she actually stopped training him but the decision really worked out- minus the whole Me improving part of it. By this January I realized okay he's 8 years old. He's great. He's got brilliant qualities and anybody would be lucky to have him; but can I jump him alone for fun? No, he takes off after the fence. Can I trail ride him for fun? No. He's a little to skittish nowadays on trail. In reality the only thing I can do for him is move barns and be 110% committed to getting me and him out to shows (that's how we will improve). If I don't do those things, I'm letting his potential suffer and lowering my chance of selling him someday- plus I'm just spending money to keep him without even enjoying him.

So I finally jumped into the unknown world of selling him for real and I started off with a high listing of $3500 just in case a young hot sport could put the stop in him after fences and show him at 3' like he was capable of doing last year. I fully had no interest in making a profit off of him or getting a return on my money, I just didn't want him to go to slaughter or neglect. After a couple months of feeling out my potential buyers and evaluating his worth I listed him very low at $900 and luckily somebody emailed me who had a nice amount of land with some happy-looking horses. They ended up buying him and he seems like he's going to have a happy "racehorse retirement" life that all the sadly bred backyard racehorses deserve. If that doesn't work out he's still at the age where someone who puts the work in can make him an incredible athlete. So I'm glad he'll get the chance to have other options, or just be happy with a little horse family on the wooded, stream-filled ranch up in the hill-mountains in south eastern Oklahoma where he is now.

In my case, I was bartending through the summer and in September I was forced to quit (owner embezzling, managers selling Coke out of the store, doing Coke in the office during work, managers stealing money from me, etcetera). I made a small business living off taking care of my retired father. In January I finally got completely sick of taking care of him and watching him kill himself. I don't even want my one year old seeing a man killing himself, I know how strong the subconscious is and that age isn't too young in my head. Then my dad rear ended someone in a dui. So it was becoming amply clear if I want this horse I had to work for someone potentially killing people due to alcohol. So I would either have to find a new job or sell gaston. Potentially this could have gone on for months and years but luckily I did cut my emotional cord with gaston and find a buyer- which is much better for gaston and me. It wasn't fair to him to sit in a pasture waiting for me to have a free nanny 24/7 so I could ride him 6 days a week.

So now I pretty much get a new start on everything, and I have to say, there's no way to learn how to own a horse unless you do it! In retrospect would I have bought him? No! And I'll be open with anyone. I learned! But I DID learn the hard way. A horse is much more than a child in glaring aspects. A horse is a full time money commitment plus the always risk of injury ($$) and the always risk that you will not find a buyer. It (FEELS LIKE it) ties you up a lot more than a child does. I'm glad everything happened the way it did because I love gaston and always will, and I became a good rider and didn't fall off for 2 years and school horses will probably be way easier to me now. But there's a glaring memory created in my mind of my every horse person in their own home after I bought gaston going "What was she thinking!? She's in for a rude awakening."
The best I can say is I gave him an amazing life in the 4 years after he left the track. He had everything a horse could want and I loved him full over the brim. Some losing racers get way less than that or neglect and slaughter. So I'm glad for both of us that we learned so much together. I will always miss him so much, but I planned to save up and buy land for him, and that just isn't where my life went. People do change and some people have to grow into a different person to be better for everyone around them.

I also would be sad about horse sports when I wasn't doing well with him, and I thought that if I sold him it might feel like a downer for me with horses- but now I actually feel the opposite. I feel so much more positive that I could do great things with horses (just with no commitment for a long, long time) and I love watching and reading about successful people in horse sports :)

Jun. 14th, 2013

Cantering a course on my collected horse yayyy

Being too far up after being too forward for a year yayyy

Getting a 6 in a 4 stride lol

He gets it nowww


Joel and nick are sitting on the couch talking

I can't


Love life


I forgot the point about
I've enrolled for four modern Europe grad seminars
So even if I don't complete my plan of study yet I have a choice of four to take. And can take 1 without POS.

There's no days.... But tami is actually visiting jan 11-14 so I actually will factor the M and F into my choice. She's the only friend ever to visit me since I started traveling at 16....... Says a lot about Sam. Lost cause at this point- over it
Oh I lied Katharine visited me in LA like 1.5yr after we became friends... Sam.... 22 years..... And nothing

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